E-Commerce Business Training


In this training you will learn how to start mini importation business in Nigeria/Ghana and what’s required to be successful at it. All you need to do is to go through his training over again until you understand the business very well.

You’ll be surprised that with as low as #10,000 you can start making 6 figures within few months doing this business. You just need to be trained, mentored and guided on how to go about it the right way. Me and my wife have made a lot of money from this business and it has helped me to set out to live my dreams of helping people.

This training program covers

  • Introduction to mini importation.

  • Introduction to different manufacturers sites.

  • How to use the search engine for hot products.

  • How to use picture search.

  • What products to/not to buy.

  • Making orders.

  • Procurement and shipping.

  • How to gain access to newly dropped products.

  • How to market your products in Nigeria.


  • You will get a trusted Chinese contact.

  • You will get the cheapest and most reliable procurement company from China to Nigeria.

Freelancing Job Training


A freelancer is a person whom you could call a “self- employed” and who isn’t committed to a particular employer for long-term.

Freelance/Freelancing jobs are jobs that don’t require you to be employed by a company to do them. They are project jobs that can be done remotely without requiring your presence 8am–5pm from your employer.

Now You Know Someone Who Knows Someone Who Can Get something Done. Or you too have skills you can market online. Skills you can sell as a freelancer: aritcle writing, video editing, e-mail writing, software development, graphics design, web design, language translation, proof reading etc. Read More

What you will learn in this training

  • Introduction to profitable freelancing sites
  • How to sign up for free
  • How to creat your GIG.
  • How to get order
  • How to use social media ads to promote your freelancing skills
  • How to set up a Paypal account
  • How to withdraw your money

There is no limit to how much you can make doing this business and you determine how you do your jobs. Read More