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How to become rich” is not a “get rich quick scheme” that teaches becoming wealthy overnight. Success of any kind takes time, effort, perseverance, determination, courage, and patience. For lasting riches, one must be willing to do what is necessary. Every rich man in the world has stories to tell, but to me, SUCCESS has principles and if you work the principles, it will work for you rather than working against you. This book tells the stories of people who through hard work and the principles shared in this book became rich and later wealthy.


      Purpose discovery is a journey from the known to the unknown and from the unknown to the known. From the unseen world inside, searching through the mind of the spirit, the reason for existence. Man is born to reign and to rule his world from inside out. But he must first discover himself. Who he is, what he’s come to do and his place of assignment. This book will help, to answer some of the critical questions that may arise in your quest to discover your purpose.

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